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Alcohol 7.6%

Strong Back Stout

In the shadow of the phenomenal success of its first product SANDS beer, the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company softly launched another product to the Bahamian public. "Strong Back is our latest product and a truly genuine Bahamian stout" said owner James "Jimmy" Sands. 

"I had a few goals when I decided to open my own brewery and one was to offer Bahamians their own stout, rich in taste but not bitter in after-taste."
The stout, formidably named Strong Back, is a dark beer created by using roasted malts or roast barley, and will now make the third product for the all-Bahamian brewery in Grand Bahama.
Strong Back met with great success from local fans of the Brewery, including the very supportive Grand Bahama shipyard crew who often visit and even have cookouts on the grounds.  One such employee was heard commenting to the local radio announcers who were on site that you should  "drink Strong Back every day cause it keeps the heart attacks away!"


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